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AAPI Korean Dance

May 30,2021 3PM | Mesook Ko and Korean Culture Center-Urisawe Inc. and students and members will perform many variety kinds of Korean traditional dance and music through the event.  Salp’uri (scarf dance) is one of the well known traditional Korean dances that derives from Shamanistic rites of washing away evil spirits. The dancer’s movements and breath in salp’uri is very controlled, bringing out deep sentiments of both sorrow and joy. Salpuri (Scarf dance) will be presented by the founder of KCC-Urisawe, Mesook Ko. Samgomu (three drum dance), Suljanggu (hourglass shaped drum), fan dance, mask dance, standing drums, etc. will be performed by students & members of KCC-Urisawe. Urisawe, Our Movement, is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to promoting traditional Korean culture through performing arts. Established in 2002 by Me Sook Ko, a professional teacher, Urisawe participated in numerous performances and activities and continues to expand as a traditional Korean culture group representing the bay area.